Saturday, June 25, 2016


I have so many accomplished former students!

A liasón between the State and Federal Government
Working for President Obama in the White House
and the newest,
visiting London for the 
"Trooping of the Colour"

The Queen of England celebrates 2 birthdays!
April 21 is the date of her birth.
June 11 is celebrating the sovereignty of the monarchy.
Each branch of the British Armed Forces would
march by, displaying, or trooping, their colors.
Sort of like a public birthday for the queen or king.

This year, Queen Elizabeth is 90 years old!!!
She became queen in her mid-20's, when her father
passed away in month after my mom
graduated from high school.

One of my students, Ashley Hall Cook,
was able to attend...and with a great view!

Why, yes, that's the entire British Royal Family!
About as close as you can get!!!

Only the Queen's immediate family appears on the balcony of
Buckingham Palace.
Queen, Prince Phillip, 4 children and spouses,
grandchildren and spouses, and great grandchildren.
Besides Trooping of the Colours, I've only seen them step
out when Charles & Diana were married, and William & Kate.

Three "Kings in Waiting"
Prince Charles, left, 2nd in line for the throne since 1953, 63 years!
Prince William, 3rd in line since 1981.
Prince George, front of parents, 4th in line since 2013.

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