Tuesday, July 5, 2016


July 4, 1776 - July 4, 2016
240 years of America

I LOVED the 4th of July when the kids were growing up!
Mom, Dad, and Chris were always somewhere in the country
for to board of directors meetings for the Appaloosa Horse Club.
Laurel and Reid would be working.
I never knew where McKay was.
But, I took the 4 girls to the
Provo Freedom Festival Parade.
We'd park by Brick Oven, then walk around and set
our chairs up across the street from Provo High, at the
beginning of the parade.
After the parade, we'd eat at Brick Oven, then go shopping
at the mall.
That night, fireworks at the Pleasant Grove High School.

Now, it's a sparse gathering.
Chris, McKay, and families raced their
horses at Richfield.
Camille and family spends the 4th with
the Thomas's.
Katie's in LA.

Reid, Laurel, me, Grandma Dixe, Grandma Nammy,
and Ashley and her kids had a bbq at Reid's.
Then, we went to Heidi's for dessert and fireworks.
There were only 8 of 16 greats there.

Ashley braided a (Pinterest) star in Jaycie's hair.

Jacob loves cousin Jaycie!

There was an EPIC water fight!
We love Uncle Mike!!!
He's our go-to guy to give blessings, baby blessings,
baptize and confirm.
And . . . he loves to play with the kids!!!
I think he has the most fun of all!!!

Ashley's collage

And then, we sat on Mikey and Heidi's deck,
and watched fireworks all over!


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