Thursday, July 14, 2016


Two years ago, CJ was picked #28 in the first round
to the LA Clippers.
Superstars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.
WOW!  What a great place to learn!

It hasn't worked.
I knew he was pretty much done for when a player
was traded to the Clippers that played his same position.
 He was on the New Orleans Pelicans,
then traded to Boston.  In less than a week, he was traded from
Boston to LA.  Never even played a single game for Boston!
The player???
Austin Rivers.
Just a mediocre player, getting to LA cuz
daddy is in charge of basketball operations, and the 
head coach!!!

CJ played for the Bakersfield Jam D-League team
for the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavalier 
D-League team, the Canton Charge.
It was back and forth between them and the Clippers.
He was top scorer in many of these games.

Then, the lovely coach's son got a new contract
for $35,700,000 for 3 years!

Even though CJ made a little over one million,
he made more sitting on the bench than the
President of the United States
 makes in 1 term!!!

Do you sit on the bench, for a great team,
or get playing time on a bad team.
A really bad team!

I think all he wants to do is play.
I hope he gets off the bench.

Katie, of course, will follow.  And so will Jaxx.
I'm glad Uncle Bruce is close.

Orlando only plays once a year in Utah.
But, on the bright side, being an RN, Katie can get a job anywhere.
Also, Uncle Bruce & Aunt Nadene live 80 miles from Orlando.

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