Monday, July 18, 2016


Lexie, Caden, Zac
Wendi, Steve, Megan (Zac's wife)
(Steve is Elder's Quorum President and
Wendi is Stake Young Women's President)

Aunt Pat & Uncle Darwin's grandson, Caden,
had his mission farewell on Sunday, July 17.
Mom & I went to Kaysville for it.
Since Pat & Darwin live in Yuma, Arizona now,
they don't come up very often.

They were up last fall when Zac returned from his
mission in Washington D.C. and Virginia.
They came up for our reunion on Memorial Day weekend.

Then, Lexie had Jr. High graduation, Caden graduated
from Seminary and Davis High (where he was the drum major),
Caden was endowed, Zac was married, and Pat went to
a bunch of bridal showers for Megan.  

Since they were just up for a month, they
said they would not be returning for the farewell.

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