Saturday, July 2, 2016


Olivia De Haviland 
turned 100 years old! 
Born on July 1, 1916.

 (She still has the sweet "Melanie" face!)

Olivia De Haviland is my absolute favorite actress of all time!!!
She played the role of Melanie in my favorite movie,
Gone with the Wind.

I loved her character sooooo much, since the
first time I read the book in 9th grade!

She was so sweet, yet so strong!
Just like I always wanted to be!

She is the last surviving member of the cast.

I had names picked out for the 3 girls I knew I would have:

Natalie Ann
Jill Alyth
Melanie Renae

Natalie Ann = Ann, for me
Jill Alyth = Alyth, for my grandma
Melanie Renae = Melanie for the character in Gone with the Wind,
and Renae, for my BFF

(I was also going to have 2 boys:
Jacob Mat = Jacob, for my great great grandfather, 
and Mat, for my grandpa and great grandpa
And, I forgot the other name...ooops,
but, I'm sure husband's name was middle name)

Here are some pictures of my "Melanie" dolls:

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