Friday, July 29, 2016


stands for
Democratic National Convention at Philadelphia

And . . . it's finished.
No surprises.
Hillary is no longer "presumptive."
She's the Democratic nominee.
And . . . the first candidate who is a woman!

Here's the Republican ticket:

The logo:

For President of the United States
Hillary Rodham Clinton, age 68
Birthday . . . October 26, just like me!
Secretary of State
US Senator from New York
FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States)
First Lady of Arkansas
Chair of Legal Services Corporation
Board member . . . WalMart
Law Professor at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Graduated from Wellesley College, Bachelor's
Graduated from Yale Law School, J.D.

Husband:  Bill
Former POTUS (President of the United States)  
2 grandchildren

1 child with Bill
Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky, age 36

Graduated from:
Stanford University, Bachelor's
Oxford University, Master's
Columbia University, Master's
Oxford University, PhD, International Relations

Worked for NBC, Avenue Capital Group, NYU,
several boards

2 children:
Charlotte, 22 months
Aidan, 5 weeks

 Leaving hospital with baby Charlotte, September 2014.

 Looks like Charlotte has Papa wrapped
around her little finger.

Leaving the hospital with baby Aidan, June 2016

If Chelsea's mother wins, she will be the
only one in the history of the United States
where BOTH parents were
President of the United States!

And . . . Hillary could be

For Vice President of the United States
Timothy M. Kaine, age 58
United States Senator from Virginia
Chair of Democratic National Committee
Governor of Virginia
Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
Mayor of Richmond
Richmond City Council
Director of Law Firm
Law Professor, University of Richmond School or Law

Graduated from:
University of Missouri, Bachelor's
Harvard Law School, J.D.

Wife: Anne
Secretary of Education for Virginia
First Lady of Virginia
Second Lady of Virginia
Juvenile Judge
Law Clerk
Legal Aid Attorney

Graduated from:
Princeton University, Bachelor's
Harvard Law School, J.D.

3 children with Anne

Nat Kaine, age 26
Graduated from George Washington University ROTC, Bachelor's

Woody Kaine, age 24
Director, Editor

Annella Kaine, age 21
Studying theater at NYU

And . . . a few LOL's:

Kareem Abdul Jabar
Top scorer EVER in the NBA (Karl Malone is #2)
Spoke at the DNC
He said he introduced himself as Michael Jordan,
because Donald Trump wouldn't know the difference!

 And . . . Hillary's Democratic Opponent
Senator Bernie Sanders

A little side note.
The presidential elections and both the
Winter and Summer Olympics
were all held in the same year.
There were Winter Olympics in 1992, 
and 2 years later in 1994.
So now, every other year are Olympics.
Much better!

No matter who wins this election,
they will be waaaaay better as president
than the one we'll have in 2020!
That's right!
Kanye West has already announced
he'll run for president in 2020!!!
The American people are stupid enough
to vote him in!
His current wife is Kim Kardashian!
Imagine, "Kourtney and Kim Take The White House"
"Keeping Up With The Kardashians . . . DC Style!"

I sure wish my candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, had won!!!

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