Monday, July 18, 2016


Every year, each Relief Society sister is to 
make a "Visiting Teaching Report."
You are interviewed by a member of the presidency.

How are you doing with your partner?
How is it going with the sisters you visit teach?
Are you able to visit monthly?
Any problems?

Well, the latest trend is a 
Visiting Teaching Tune-Up.
I've heard about 4 wards doing it.
Some were very successful,
some were not.

Those that have tried it had
several "lanes" open, but of course,
our ward had assigned times...since we have
277 sisters!
Yup. 277 sisters!!!

And . . . we have 99% - 100% visiting teaching!!!

We started at the beginning, by reading these cute 
signs as we progressed.

The first stop was the secretary.
Just like a car wash or tune-up, you receive
a paper on a clipboard, to look over.
We filled it out.

The next station was one of the assistant secretaries.
Everyone helping was dressed in white shirt, jeans, and the
adorable hat with "VT" on it!!!
She handed us an iPad to view a short video clip about visiting teaching.

Next, we went to the president and a counselor.
We turned in the paper we filled out.
She asked us about if we were getting visit taught, too.
This cute little sticker was taped to the inside of the window.

Windows washed by the bishopric!

The line was constantly steady!
Appointments help!

Heck ya!!!
Gogurt, grapes, water bottle, and a homemade cinnamon roll!!!
These were passed out by the coordinators.

They also gave us these darling reverseable bookmarks!

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Angie Morrow said...

This is an awesome idea. Do you mind sharing the file for the questionnaire and the cute bookmark please? I would like to try this in my ward too.
My email is
Thank you for your help,
Angie Morrow
Kingston Ward