Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Recently, some pretty sweet missionaries,
mission presidents, and wives, 
have returned home from their missions!

Elder Brayden Bezzant
Brayden is Renae's great nephew.
His mom, Trudy Allen Bezzant, is Renae's niece.
He also lives next door to Renae.
Trudy grew up in my ward.
Brayden is the reason I got to go to the
Rose Parade trip with the band!!!

Nothing says "Welcome Home" like this:

President Norman & Sister Krisin Klein
I taught the Klein's daughter, Karianne.
When their youngest, Kelsie, got married,
they went to Honduras so her dad could be there!

The day after they returned home, 
Karianne had a baby.

Elder Garett Vance
I taught with Garett's grandpa, Calvan, for 17 years.
He was my favorite teammate in all of my 33 years!
I was also Garett's 5th grade teacher.
He's a huge JAZZ fan!

President Brad and Sister Dana Smith
Brad and Dana lived down the road from me
for several years.
He was my bishop.
Dana was 1st counselor in the Stake Young Women
when I was serving as Stake Sports Director.
Brad and Dana presided for 9 months over the
Marshall Islands Majuro Misson,
the same mission Renae's son, Jared, served in.
Their daughter, Megan, and her son were in a
horrific car accident.  They were released to come
home to help her.  
She recovered and was remarried.
The Smith's were recalled to preside over a mission.
Ranae Black, 4th grade teacher at Alpine,
her son served in this mission.

President Robert and Sister Katherine Chatfield
also. . . Rwanda, Djboutia, Ethiopia, and southern Sudan.
I taught ALL six of the Chatfield girls!
Katherine was my room mother several times!
I chaperoned 3 trips with Katherine's gymnastics group,
Alpine Aerials.
We went twice to Disneyland and southern California.
One time to Phoenix.
I also taught Lori Jo's husband, Jared.
When I retired, three of the girls came to my open house.
They gave me the cookbook,
"Six Sisters" because they were six sisters!

They also had 3 new grandchildren to meet!

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