Sunday, July 24, 2016


For just about 6 weeks, the 4 of us lived together at Dixie.
Karen McKnight Esplin, me, Sara Cutler Deaver, and
Pam Merrell Heaton.
All from Las Vegas.
All attended Clark High School.

After my first 2 quarters at Dixie, my 3 roommates
decided to move off campus. My room was already paid for, so I couldn't move.
 They wanted to keep two dorm rooms open for spring students visiting the campus.
I was heading to Wyoming for a debate meet.
I had a few choices, and hastily said, Pam Merrell.
Pam's roommate, Cozette Davis, was moving home to Lehi
and to get married in June.
She's actually in my stake, but in 10 years, I've never
seen her.  I know her husband, cuz he was a stake clerk.

(Funny side the end, my other 3 roommates were sad
of their decision to have left.  Especially since I was so happy!
I had made tons of new friends that last year and quarter,
they didn't.  They lived in a triplex.  They knew
their neighbors, and that was it)

Anyway, this girl in my Spanish class moved all my
things to the new room.  It was spring break. She was
from Pennsylvania, and wasn't going anywhere.

Karen and Sara were the "potty partners."
Karen came winter quarter from BYU...well, just living there.
She had to bring her grades up to get into BYU.
Sara's family introduced Karen's family to the church.

Karen was tired of Sara.
She wanted to move with me.
We tried to find a place in the dorms, but couldn't.
I didn't even know Karen, except she was the
visiting teaching coordinator.

Well, Sara and I swapped rooms.
Sara lived with Pam, and I lived with Karen.
Then, Sara's dad came up and pulled her out of school.
He found out that Sara was coming to Vegas
without going to see her parents.
Yup.  Drug run.

Anyway, Karen and I lived together our last year at Dixie.
Pam moved to the Tara Trailers.
I've seen Pam once in awhile, but keep up now on Facebook.
I've really kept up with Karen and Sara.
I was bridesmaids for both of them.
I've stayed at their homes, gone to their children's weddings.
We've been out to lunches and dinners, and Jazz games.

All are active in the Church.
Sara has been an ordinance worker in the Vegas Temple.
Karen and Dale, lots of callings.
Primary chorister, Presidency members, 
Bishop in a college ward,
Lambda Delta Sigma (our LDS sorority) advisor.

But, for 6 short weeks, 40 years ago...eternal friendships evolved!!!

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