Thursday, July 28, 2016


When I was growing up, an engagement
was announced in the newspaper.
Today, social media.

Katie & CJ are still in the Dominican Republic.
Here's how they announced their engagement:

Katie announced on Instagram, and
shared to Facebook.

 And, here's the full picture:

CJ's announcement was quite different.
He has had a problem with women stalkers, 
ever since he was drafted into the NBA in 2014.

Here's his announcement on his Instagram.
And, Katie has never appeared on his Instagram account.
CJ doesn't do anything personal on social media.
His Facebook page is one that you follow, and
has been controlled by the LA Clippers.

The post is the back of Katie, and the picture is tagged,
sending you to Katie's Instagram.
He just has the date the engagement happened.
Some might not get it . . . most won't.

Engaged July 23 (Cole's 12th birthday)
Katie sent our family a picture that afternoon.
Katie announced July 26.
CJ, July 27th.

They were both coming here next week, but
the Magic wants CJ ASAP.
He cancelled his shooting camp because of that,
and his hand that he had surgery on.

The NBA will move them from LA to Orlando.
Upon her return to LA, Katie will work her last couple of days.
She will also oversee the NBA packing their things.
CJ will oversee the unpacking of their things in the
new condo the Magic have for them.
They can decide later if they want to stay there.
They even get their vehicles across the country!
Katie and Jax will come home for a couple of weeks,
and then they are on their way.
Trading earthquake and fire country for
hurricane and thunderstorm country.

Looks like the wedding is next summer,
after he's played a year for the Magic.

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